R.O. Guarneri Gold Solo Violin – 2020


Varnish colour: Amber on light ground

Specialities: Very beautifully flamed maple back with a regular grain, wonderful amber hand varnish with great depth

Sound description: Brilliant and clear sound, with smooth vibrant highs and greatly powerful lows. Balanced and strong projection, very beautiful soft sound, ideal as a solo instrument

Strings: Thomastik Infeld Vienna „Rondo“

Fittings: Boxwood fittings consisting of Hill model pegs with an ebony-ring, a French model tailpiece with an ebony strip, a minted endpin and a Guarneri model chin rest with “Stradped” titanium screws from “Josef Teller”. “Despiau Three Tree” bridge.

Length of Body: 353 mm
Upper Bout: 169 mm
Middle Bout: 112 mm
Lower Bout: 209 mm

Delivery contents: Your unique violin, Certificate of Authenticity

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